The beginning
Mrs Barbara de Beer saw the financial need of the non-profit organisation Auksano but more than this,
the need for the excellent work that they do.  They assist persons and especially youth that become involved in 
destructive sub-cultures.  Auksano also provide assistance in terms of body, mind and soul and work professionally
and holistically with clients, placing them back in society as fully functioning individuals.

This is what prompted her to start the Oyster Project.  What she saw was an “oyster orginasation”, nurturing people
to become beautiful human pearls.  What she also experienced was that these
“human pearls” become “human oysters” assisting another human being from obscurity to full potential. 
In this manner the process was multiplied over and over creating youth and eventually adults
who can look after themselves and who can contribute to society rather than being a burden. 

Thus the Oyster Project was born. 
This project strive to assist Auksano and other similar organizations financially in order to take the burden
of worry regarding finance off them so they can concentrate on the very important work they do.

Currently the project supports only Auksano but the project management awaits applications
from other organizations to be able to include them as beneficiaries of this project.

To create human pearls by ensuring that organisations who assist youth physically, emotionally
and spiritually in the destructive sub-culture sphere have financial peace of mind in
order for them to give their full attention to the client’s needs.  In doing so,
they create human oysters who in turn can cradle and cherish  persons
from obscurity to beautiful human pearls and in this manner
multiply the oyster effect to infinity.

To attract thousands of  small debit order contributors nationally and internationally, ensuring
a continuous minimum monthly income for non-profit oyster organizations who
assist youths in the destructive-subculture sphere and to ensure that:

Funds are regularly and fairly distributed to beneficiary orgaisations;

Funds are used to benefit the client’s of beneficiary organizations.